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2019-03-20 / Important - GPS Week Number Rollover for equipment

Be aware that the GPS week number rollover for equipment is to occur on some of the GPS units (and AIS / Inmarsat C) on 4th August 2019.

The subject models are designed to turn the clock back 19.6 years (19th December 1999), and will continue to work incorrectly under normal use, hovewer there is no influence to its positioning operation.

As a result, the following abnormalities will occur in some equipment:

- Date information will be displayed erroneous;

- Erroneous date will be output to external equipment (!Voyage Data Recorder!)

2019-02-06 / Important - Navtex installations on or after 1 July 2019 (BAM interface required)

IMO has published resolutions MSC.430(98) and MSC.431(98) relating to amandments to performance standards for Enhanced Group Call (EGC) and Navtex receiving equipment.

Equipment installed on or after 1 July 2019 should be type approved to the amended performance standards.

Equipment should include interface for alert management in accordance with resolution MSC.302(87) for Performance standards for Bridge Alert Management (BAM).

2019-02-06 / EPIRB battery expiry / SBM procedure

According to the MSC.152(78) resolution, for all the EPIRB units, after battery expiry date (battery valid for 5 Years), EPIRB units have to go through the additional testing procedure (water-proof test, gasket exchange, power measurement, message decoding) by the manufacturers approved faclities - battery exchange no longer allowed to be made by the Crew.

Above mentioned procedure is called EPIRB Shore Based maintenance (EPIRB SBM).

Recently, port state authorities, Class societies (during GMDSS survey), and vetting inspections are checking whether during the EPIRB battery exchange, an proper SBM procedure has been followed (paper proof of the SBM procedure has to be on board of the vessel, together with the manufacturers authorisation of the EPIRB SBM facility that has carried out the test).

Often, EPIRB SBM procedure and material required, is more expencive than an new EPIRB, so we are offering to all of our customers an new EPIRB unit, with programming to the ships particulars (MMSI/CallSign) included in the price of the EPIRB.

New EPIRB is covered with the warranty, battery and initial SBM certificate are valid for next 5 Years. 

2019-02-06 / Renewal of ABS Class GMDSS/AIS/VDR service supplier certificate

Kindly note that we have renewed our ABS Class GMDSS / AIS / VDR service supplier certificate for 2019-2022 period.

Please “click” on the ABS logo on our SERVICES page for the download of above mentioned certificates.

2014-04-16 / Added new class society approval to our portfolio

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) approved our company for GMDSS, AIS and VDR surveys.
Type approval can be downloaded by the click on the DNV logo on our SERVICES page.