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Honeywell marine

Maritimus Ltd.

Tank Radars

EM540 Radar for inland waterways vessels and the EM940 for tankers. Honeywell Marine Solutions thus meets all applications for tankers (chemical tankers, bitumen tankers, product tankers) and barges.

Maritimus Ltd.

PL3700 series

Based on a ceramic cell, the PL3700 can be used as a level gauge or a pressure transmitter in a Marine environment in compliance with the toughest regulations.

Maritimus Ltd.

LIDEC level switches

Developed in cooperation with “Paris VI” University, the Lidec liquid level sensors series are especially designed for marine applications.Reliable solution to liquid level detection.

Maritimus Ltd.

CT 801 series

The electro-pneumatic level transmitters allows remote level measurements to be made using a4-20 mA analog output, which is based on the bubbler-type principle.

Maritimus Ltd.

WIDS system

WIDS system is designed for detecting the presence of water in all cargo holds.

Maritimus Ltd.

GASBAL / gas detection

GASBAL system performs in line analysis of explosive gas concentration in ballast tanks and void spaces.